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Do You Have Questions About Chiropractic?

We’re here with answers. Below are a few questions we hear often:

Erickson Clinic of Chiropractic

Must I get X-rays?

Must I get X-rays?

X-rays are recommended for certain symptoms or problems, including accidents and trauma. If necessary, Dr. Erickson will recommend any necessary X-rays during your consultation.

We have an in-house digital x-ray system that enables us to take X-rays and email them immediately to your medical doctor, if required.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes we do. And although we’re bound by insurance guidelines, we have your best interests in mind.

Your ideal treatment plan may extend beyond the treatment covered by your insurance carrier. If there are any exclusions in your policy, we will explain this to you.

Many of our patients have experienced the wellness benefits of chiropractic care. Over 80% choose to return on a regular basis, even without insurance. We offer special cash plans for patients seeking long-term wellness care.

Will I get adjusted on the first visit?

Your first visit is generally designed for consultation and examination. We schedule a follow-up visit so that we can have enough time to study the results of what’s found during the first visit.

However if you are in acute pain or have traveled a long distance for your appointment Dr. Erickson may suggest physical therapy or an adjustment on the first visit.

Should I continue treatment once I feel better?

“You don’t have to, but you should,” says Dr. Erickson.

Just because your pain improves, or completely goes away, doesn’t necessary mean you have recuperated. Your care plan will be specifically designed to rehabilitate your injury or the source of your pain, and will be backed up with physical therapy and exercises which support this goal.

Continued chiropractic care has wellness benefits, helps your body to achieve its natural state of good health, and prevents old problems from recurring.

Call (336) 760-1333 if you have further questions, or to book an appointment.

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