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What to Expect at Erickson Clinic of Chiropractic

We’re Glad You’re Coming In

At Erickson Clinic of Chiropractic you are in safe, experienced hands.

Welcome to Erickson Clinic of Chiropractic!

Welcome to Erickson Clinic of Chiropractic!

In order to prepare for your first appointment, we suggest you complete the new patient paperwork at your leisure. Let us know if you have any questions.

Your First Visit

During your first visit, you can expect to:

  • Receive a tour of the office
  • Be introduced to all of our team
  • Have a consultation with Dr. Erickson, including discussion of your health history
  • Be asked about your health goals

The purpose of the examination which follows is to diagnose your complaint and determine whether your condition can benefit from chiropractic treatment. Your exam will include:

  • Various chiropractic tests
  • An orthopedic exam
  • A neurological exam
  • An electromyography (EMG) scan, if necessary, to analyze spinal alignment and asymmetry
  • X-rays only if necessary

In most cases we’ll schedule a follow-up visit to be adjusted, so that Dr. Erickson can determine the best care plan for you. However, if you’re in acute pain or have traveled a long distance, Dr. Erickson may suggest physical therapy or an immediate adjustment.

Please set aside one hour for this first visit.

Your Follow-up Visit

Dr. Erickson will have prepared a report of his findings before this visit. We suggest you come with a partner, spouse or parent for this discussion. You can expect to:

  • Hear and see the results of your evaluation
  • Learn about the cause of your problem
  • Be offered a custom treatment plan recommendation aligned with your health goals
  • Have an opportunity to ask questions
Winston-Salem Chiropractor using Chiorpractic Technique

Dr. Erickson uses a variety of gentle chiropractic techniques.

If you choose to go forward with Dr. Erickson’s proposed treatment plan, he’ll adjust you immediately.

This visit could take up to forty-five minutes, depending upon the treatment.

Repeat Visits

Repeat visits for treatment can be easily scheduled based upon your treatment plan, and the visits themselves take just 15 to 20 minutes.

“I am the messenger, and the educator,” says Dr. Erickson. “it’s your job is to decide what you want to do with your care.” Each patient ultimately decides if chiropractic care is something they want to do, and for how long they would like to do it.

Don’t wait until there is crisis in your health again. Be proactive in your health care and call (336) 760-1333 for an appointment today.

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